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Stages of Chiropractic Care

What we do is unique, very different from Medicine or Physiotherapy, and even different from how many Chiropractors work. We want you to understand what we do and how we work BEFORE you invest time, energy and money coming to see us. If you don’t like how we work, then you can choose to see someone else.

It is important that you are comfortable with your Chiropractor and how they work. Because of that, all new clients come to a very informative  one hour introductory group class before starting care.

New Patient Registration:

The introductory videos delivered personally by Dr Glenn Duffy, ensures that you understand how your nervous system, spine, and posture evolve, can get damaged, how we help to restore you to optimal health and how we work at the DUFFY Quiropráctica. Like this we ensure that most of your questions are answered before your first consultation and in this appointment we can focus on what is unique to you. It is the first and the most important step for anyone who wishes to start care at our practice. This alongside completing your health history form is done online before attending your first consultation.

First Consultation

In our New Client exam, we then discuss your health and do a thorough examination. We use the latest technology to scan your spinal function and compare it to normal.

We take digital postural pictures so you can see how your posture is and should be. We measure your balance, before completing a full Chiropractic physical examination. During this examination we will feel your spine and test a variety of things. Our aim is to identify if you have Subluxation, postural abnormalities, and or nervous system stress.

If your case is simple, we may deliver your first adjustment at that same visit.

Report of Findings

In our Report of findings appointment, we explain the condition of your spine and our recommendations. We always promise to give you care recommendations as if you were a member of our family. Remember this is not based on how you feel, but how you are functioning. You may feel terrible, but need very little care. You may feel great, but have extensive subluxations.

At Duffy Quiropractica you can rest assured that we will always recommend what is best for your long term health and wellness.

We always work in three phases of care.

Intensive Phase

The Intensive phase opens up your spine and nervous system, freeing subluxations. This phase varies in length and intensity based on how much “history” your spine has had.

“History” could include injuries, but also poor postures, inactivity, and other stresses which may have caused subluxations. Please note that “history” does not just depend on age- we sometimes see 50 year-olds with spines twice as subluxed as their 80 year-old parents!

The length of this phase depends on the condition of your spine, not just how you are feeling. Most people start to feel big changes: more flexible, and higher energy levels. Over 34% of our clients report improved sleep during this phase.

Stabilisation Phase

Most people feel great by the time they reach this phase. So why carry on with care? Not going through stabilisation makes relapse probable.

The Stabilisation phase is when you really form new long-term habits in your spine. You notice your posture improving and many people report improved balance. Athletes report improved reaction times and performance, and resistance to injury.

During this phase it is vital that you attend our advanced workshop series, which explains Subluxation stresses and how we can make small lifestyle changes which create big differences. People who attend the workshops learn so much that most tend to repeat the series.

Wellness Phase

This is where we want you to be! As long as you have a spine with nerve signals flowing through it (i.e. as long as you are alive), then we want to ensure that you are healthy and connected. Our job is to keep our clients subluxation-free, flexible and connected for as long as they want to be well.

We will always recommend what we recommend for our family, which is to look after your spine long-term. For this purpose we have the “Wellness Club”, which eligible clients can join to get very affordable care to keep them and their families in good health- for life!