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«Los niños responden más rápido al tratamiento quiropráctico y necesitan menos atención.»



The adjustment does not ordinarily hurt. In fact in our practice you will see clients -from kids to grandparents- “in bliss” after their adjustment. The adjustment is highly skilled and specific and would only hurt if we are working in an area that is already inflamed.

Our instrument and table-assisted adjusting makes no noise. The manual adjustments are associated with a small sound as the vertebra moves- the noise is a gas releasing into your spinal joint. This can surprise people, and most people feel immediately more relaxed and at ease.

Glenn’s main techniques include Gonstead and CBP. He also uses SOT (sacro-occipital technique), Activator, Diversified, and Webster. He chooses the technique which most suits you based on your age, sex, condition, and phase of care. Read more on some of these Chiropractic techniques.

We use a number of tests in the practice. One of them is the Myovision Surface ElectroMyography (SEMG). This is measuring the electrical signals passing through the muscles either side of your spine.

At Duffy Quiropractica we want to get long-term results. Many people feel great after just weeks, however our goal is to have you in brilliant health for the rest of your life. Just like dental braces, changing the shape and function of your spine takes time. The results of this show over a longer time, as your posture improves and you realise greater health. The real measure of success is your quality of life in the long term.

At Duffy Quiropractica we charge less than the average price in Europe for an adjustment, and far less than Glenn used to charge in the UK. But if you are used to getting pills or treatments which are paid for by the state or an insurer, then a course of care may seem expensive. We have affordable plans to help those who may struggle to pay. What is for sure is that getting healthy is much more cost effective than getting sick. Studies constantly show that Chiropractic clients spend less on “emergency care” 

Not only is Chiropractic safe for clients with a disc hernia, it is one of the main reasons why people worldwide see Chiropractors. In the USA, there are about 27million visits to Chiropractors every year. Remember that at Duffy Quiropractica we focus on the cause of problems (subluxation) and do not only treat the symptoms (pain).

Many of our clients have had surgery and can still be adjusted very effectively. Remember that we use a variety of techniques suitable for any age range. If you are in doubt, attending our Introductory group class will help you understand why there is no cause for concern.

Chiropractic delivered by a qualified Chiropractor is safe for all populations . Glenn has studied pregnancy care extensively, including completing Webster Certification. Many women who want a smoother, natural birth choose Chiropractic care.

Kids get sublulxations too! Childhood is full of falls, nevermind the stresses many babies endure during the birthing process. The techniques used for kids are very different from those used for adults. The beauty is that children tend to respond faster to chiropractic treatment and need less care. Some of the results they have are simply astounding. In fact we so enjoy seeing the amazing results from kids, that Children whose parents are under care receive discounted rates. If the twig is bent, so grows the tree!

We only want to work with people who want to live a more healthy, fulfilled life. Our Introductory Class explains how we work and what we hope for our clients. Most clients come referred by friends or family who have had great results.

Chiropractic care is used as a key in the wellness lifestyle of millions of people worldwide. Improved balance, energy, clarity, sense of ease are amongst the major benefits. People under Chiropractic care also need far less medical treatments as they are more “robust” and can cope with greater stresses and strains.

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