mouth breathing respirar por la nariz

Respirar por la nariz es saludable. Aprenda por qué y cómo practicarlo.

Respirar por la boca te pone enfermo, feo y mucho peor. Respirar por la nariz mejora tus niveles de oxígeno, la función cerebral e incluso la salud del corazón. Repasamos la ciencia y luego te explicamos un sencillo ejercicio diario para mejorar tu respiración nasal.
dirty truth about drinking water

The Dirty Truth about your Drinking Water

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Placebo or nocebo effect? Be careful what you wish for

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Correct scoliosis

Correct scoliosis in a magical way

90% of scoliosis sufferers are told there is "no known cause." We take a look at how this is not true, and what to do about it.
choose chiropractic, choose joy

Healthy Habits we choose NOT to pursue

Why do chiropractors want you to "stay forever"? Salutogenesis is the answer. Explore what healthy choices make you feel good and stay healthy, without the guilt.

Dear Burt.

They say he is the best chiropractor on the costa del sol, but who is Duffy the Chiropractor in Marbella? Welcome to his blog.