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Glenn Duffy

Having worked for 20 years in healthcare, Glenn has a vast scope of experience. His first degree was in Sports Rehabilitation, after which he studied at the University of Surrey to become a Chiropractor.

Later in Glenn’s studies he dedicated time to research, publishing and presenting on topics of pelvic biomechanics at international conferences; going on to lecture at postgraduate level, and then to deliver training on behalf of the Royal College of Chiropractors in the UK. Responsible for the tutorship of newly qualified Chiropractors in the South of England.

Early on his career Glenn realised that the “normal standard of care” was not enough. What patients were getting was not the same as what family and staff were getting. Something was wrong. The healthcare paradigm was run by budgets and expectations of “quick fixes”. And meanwhile, the families of Chiropractors were getting adjusted regularly, staying fit and healthy, and enjoying a higher state of health and wellbeing.

He opened a small group of clinics near London, growing a team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Coaches. Working together, they established new standards of care, allowing clients to reach new levels of health. Glenn operated a waiting-list practice, and had many recreational and international sportspeople travel to visit, including Olympic athletes. I owned and practiced in this setting until 2016.

“The process of wellness is just that- a process rather than a destination. Each of us has our own individual hobbies, interests, taste in food. While trying to optimise our own family’s health and wellness, I have learnt ways to support people in all stages of this journey. This information is packaged in our Workshop series- the classes in which our patients explore ways to optimise their own health and wellness”.

From 2006, Glenn started his own personal journey into true wellness, studying and attending conferences, but most importantly, living in a truly congruent, wellness lifestyle. In the process, his patients have reached levels of health and vitality which they had stopped even dreaming of.

Core to this has been providing Chiropractic Care as it was designed to be, as it was intended to be: pure chiropractic, aimed at improving human function rather than treating pain or symptoms. With all of the focus on finding and removing spinal interference which is stopping the body from healing and being its best.

“My simple commitment is that every client receive the same level of care and advice as I give to my own family. The greatest compliment is whole families, of three and even four generations, choosing Chiropractic care with us as a key to living a healthful, fulfilled and happy life. Our results are amazing, and the key to that is keeping it simple, and knowing the limits of what we can do”.

Farah Azirar

Though Farah isn’t a Chiropractor, she is married to one, and lives by the Chiropractic philosophy! Farah is so passionate about this profession and how it changes people’s lives that she swapped her successful corporate career to found with her husband, Glenn Duffy, their lively and inspiring Chiropractic practice in Marbella. She loves engaging and supporting people, and this is seen on a daily basis at DUFFY Quiropráctica.

Her role as practice manager is to ensure that every single client gets a high value service, and the practice is running like a swiss watch. After all, her 13 years of experience working for multinationals including Sony, Ernst & Young, Mitsubishi and Burberry in the United Kingdom perhaps have a part to play!  An award winning engineer, after graduating with first class honors, she built a successful track record of shaping and delivering complex projects across multiple departments and countries. All this experience and expertise she brings to the family practice, where the whole team is passionate about working with people and supporting them in their transformational health journeys.

She won WES Young Woman Engineer of the Year in 2009. All this experience and expertise she brings to the family practice, where the whole team is passionate about working with people and supporting them in their transformational health journeys.

Farah Azirar
Practice Manager

“Our vision is to bring to our practice members a natural perspective of health and wellbeing, and help them to live to their maximum health potential.”

One of her biggest passion is giving back and women’s empowerment and girls’ education. Farah is part Moroccan, and this heritage and upbringing have fuelled her passion for the empowerment of the women of this country and the wider continent.

She is a keen sports woman, a passion she shares with her husband. She won a Silver medal for Britain at the Duathlon European Championships in 2012, raced for a UK road cycling women’s team, climbed one of Himalaya´s peaks 5.500 m amongst other mountaineering experience, cycle-toured across the world, and now she is focusing on tennis as her main sport.

“My healthy habit routine has to have doses of meditation, exercise, clean eating and lots and lots of fun with my family. My strongest value is family, and therefore I love to spend quality time with my husband, two young children, and two dogs.”

Isabel Bermúdez

Chiropractic Assistant

Isabel Bermúdez

The summer holidays were beginning and with them, albeit temporarily, a new stage of work, in which I would meet a very special boy. Yes, the youngest of the Duffy family. It was admirable how enthusiastic he was when he talked about his father´s work, there wasn’t a day that went by without some kind of review. Undoubtedly his number one fan.
His way of being and interest in things reminded me a lot of my eldest son’s childhood, withwhom he has many similarities, and with whom I would forge a very nice friendship, despite their 10 years of difference.
So, it was little Ayan who introduced me to the world of chiropractic, a world that was totally unknown to me until then, and for which I am enormously grateful.
The summer was coming to an end, and little Ayan was going back to his primary school, and I was going back to my office job. Months passed and the day-to-day business kept us apart, until fate brought us together again. Once again thanks to little Ayan, who invited us to his 5th birthday celebration.
And well, since then, after leaving behind almost 20 years of practice as a paralegal, I am a member of the beautiful team “Duffy Quiropractica”.