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Trusted, International Chiropractor with 20 years experience. Put Your Spine in Safe Hands


If you have back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, headache, migraines, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, muscle aches, sports injuries, vertigo and dizziness … or if you want to be healthier and feel better.



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Are you here on holiday? We can only see patients who:
  1. Are permanent residents in the Marbella or surrounding areas, or
  2. Regularly spend more than 4 weeks at a time in the Marbella or surrounding areas.


  • Back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Herniated discs

  • Headache or migraines

Trusted Chiropractic Care in Marbella
  • Scoliosis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Sports injuries

  • Vertigo and dizziness



Every human is born with an extraordinary power to maintain and repair our bodies. Our inner desire is to stay happy and healthy. And that power that has made your body also heals your body. However, bad habits and the environment can affect the flow of inner power, which flows through your nervous system. When this happens we call it subluxation.  At DUFFY Chiropractic Centre we remove subluxations, restoring what nature intended. We work only with people who are committed to living a healthier and happier life. We want to help make a better you, a better community, and a better world.








What are you waiting for?

Are you tired of living with chronic pain, discomfort, and limited mobility?
Are you looking for a natural, non-invasive solution to improve your spinal health?
Look no further than Duffy Chiropractic.

Using a variety of techniques to address a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck
pain, headaches, and sciatica, Dr Glenn Duffy DC MSc MAEQ is dedicated to providing the
highest quality of care to help you achieve optimal spinal health and a pain free life.


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Over 20 years experience. Qualified from the United Kingdom.


Safe, effective & designed for your health & wellbeing.


1:1 attention improves your health & wellbeing.


New generation non-invasive spinal scanner.

Success Stories

Real customers reviews

maite cuadramaite cuadra
13:15 15 Feb 24
I've been treating myself for four months, I never thought I would improve this way. Both the doctor and the staff are very professional, and most importantly, the improvement (almost 100%) was already considered impossible. I have been to doctors of various specialties, physiotherapists, etc... I already knew Chiropractic, but now I recommend it much more. Health is priceless, and quality of life even less so. I add that before visiting a Chiropractor we must find out what it is about, I have read very ignorant reviews, it is a specialty in which the professional is highly qualified, always studying and preparing, it is not just a "crunch", there is a lot of work specialized in years of preparation, both in medicine and in chiropractic, which in Spain is not considered traditional medicine, in many countries, it is. No one (no matter how much money they have) likes to spend it without sense. Many thanks to Duffy Chiropractic.
Cecilie LonbergCecilie Lonberg
17:51 23 Jan 24
I’m so happy that I found Duffy Chiropractic. The team are very professional and you really feel well taken care of from the moment you step inside the clinic. They are starting with different tests of your body, taking pictures and asked me for X-rays before Glenn starts the treatment. What I like the most with Duffy compared to other clinics I’ve tried is that he looks at the “bigger picture”. He treats the whole spine, not just where it hurts. And for me this has really made a big difference for my health. I want to live an active life doing different sports, and now I finally can with a lot less pain.I have also brought my kids to the clinic. I want to give them the best start in life and we already see that screen time is having a huge effect on their bodies. Luckily we found Duffy Chiropractic in time and now I feel like my family’s health is in the best hands!!
Rika ChungRika Chung
15:55 10 Dec 23
First of all, I am not a good English speaker, so please forgive any grammatical errors.I finished a six-week course of three times a week and now I’m on a course of two times a week.In fact, 70% of the neck and back pain I had for over 15 years was removed after the first treatment at Duffy Chiropractic.But three days later, I had the pain again.I was then cured by Glen, and when I got tired again, it hurt again, and as I repeated the process, the frequency of the pain decreased day by day.Then a month ago I bought Denerol and it worked very well and relieved my neck pain easily! It looks like just a white rectangular-looking piece of Styrofoam, but the curved shape works wonderfully well. It was a good purchase! I would like to buy one for my father.And the ladies at the reception! Farah and Isabella are very kind and beautiful. They speak English slowly for me, which is very comfortable and easy for me to understand.I wish I had found Duffy chiropractic sooner.For the last 15 years I have had acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, stretching, CBD, weight training, yoga and even steroid injections for my pain in Japan.I'm glad I'm almost cured of my pain here. It's really great to be pain-free every day!He also changes the bite of my jawbone, so I feel that with continued visits, my teeth bite will catch up and my body will be more balanced.Incidentally, my seven-year-old son has been going before me for six months now and he's more balanced than before.He loves the Duffy family so much!Highly recommended. This place is the best!!
vadym bezbabnyyvadym bezbabnyy
20:20 13 Nov 23
Everything is fine. After the first stage (12 sessions), I felt improvement in nasal breathing (I did not use vasoconstrictor drops for a month), relief in the cervical region, pain in the lower back disappeared when lying on my stomach.
Patricia PiñelPatricia Piñel
15:02 13 Nov 23
I can only say good things about Duffy Chiropractor. Excellent care and Glenn a great professional. I have noticed how my posture improved and I was surprised to see that things such as my bruxism were resolved, which I would never have imagined was related. What you learn here is that everything is connected and they help you achieve balance.
Jesús Lanzat PozoJesús Lanzat Pozo
14:49 23 Oct 23
Highly recommended. I have been living with back pain and neck pain that caused headaches for a decade. Every day or every other day I did not take an analgesic or an anti-inflammatory for the pain. Since Duffy started adjusting my spine I have reduced my medications by 95%. In two weeks I have taken an anti-inflammatory alone and living without pain is wonderful. I encourage everyone living with pain to try it.
Jenna NunnsJenna Nunns
16:19 02 Oct 23
My sanctuary! Today I had my 41st adjustment in just 5 months. Out of curiousity I went for an assessment in April, pain free and clueless. We soon discovered I had (severe) swayback, reversal lordosis and a spinal curve causing me to bare 11kg more of my body weight to one side. Fast forward to today and I am a better version of me, maintaining my spinal health and wellness now with a weekly adjustment. I’m so sure it’s made a difference in my CrossFit performance, not only balance and flexibility but confidence in what my body is capable of! The cherry on the cake is my refreshed outlook on everything. The journey only just started ☺️ Thank you forever Glenn, Farah and Isabel 🩻 🙏🏻 💚
Irina DevlicharovaIrina Devlicharova
11:18 07 Sep 23
This place is full of kindness, love, and a positive attitude. Helping body and mind, adjusting spinal column and thoughts. Highly recommend this place if you want to take a step towards health and living the best life without pain!
Andreas HofmannAndreas Hofmann
19:17 17 Aug 23
I'm very grateful that I found this place. Glenn and his team are doing an amazing job. They helped me a lot to improve my health and my life in general. I can't wait to go on with my process 😊
mohammed alankarymohammed alankary
15:42 04 Jul 23
I’ve seen a lot of chiropractors in my life, never have I seen better than Dr Duffy! I actually saw improvement immediately and I’m learning a lot about my health! The whole staff are super friendly and professional and the same time!
chagit malkachagit malka
17:23 22 May 23
I highly recommend it! My daughter is 11 years old and has been with DUFFY for 3 months. The changes are impressive in athletics and dance, from being last she managed to obtain second place in athletics! So cheer up!!!!!!!!
valemarti lorente diazvalemarti lorente diaz
20:53 05 Apr 23
Anthony BeuzetAnthony Beuzet
16:01 05 Apr 23
Perfect experience. With just one appointment I was no longer in pain! And everyone very nice!
Arie van WinkelhofArie van Winkelhof
11:01 11 Jan 23
We met Farah & Glenn through our neighbors about one year ago, what a gift to our Family (all 4 of us) this has been 🙏🏻🙏🏻. One year later my S-curve spine has returned to an almost straight line 🙏🏻🙏🏻. Absolutely phenomenal 😎😎. My wife (will not reveal her age 😎) and both my sons of 17 and 8 have benefited greatly as well. Each of them in a different way. We all can highly recommend Duffy Quiropractica 🎉🎉
Helene HernandezHelene Hernandez
17:59 30 Oct 22
I cannot find the exact words to describe how grateful I am to have found Glen and Farah!Glen is an amazing chiropractor and person. His attitude, passion, knowledge and extended experience of the chiropractic work give a unique treatment. I have trusted to help me with a lot of physical painand the result is truly amazing. Thank you for everything
Irene CollierIrene Collier
10:20 27 Sep 22
I am not usually lost for words, as anyone who knows me will tell you, but it is hard to do justice in praise of Glenn and his team at his clinic. Warmth, kindness, humour, care, professionalism - all there in abundance but, most importantly, outstanding results. I was a little sceptical at first, but I am an absolute convert, now, to the holistic benefits of my regular adjustments. Glenn and his lovely wife, Farah, are inspirational in themselves, and I look forward to my weekly visit to absorb some of that inspiration as well as the significant benefits of the adjustments.
Sarah GSarah G
11:07 09 Sep 22
Glenn and the Duffy Quiropractica team deserve their 5 Stars and I highly recommend their chiropractic services for anyone that wants to improve and elevate their overall well being.The clinic is located in central Marbella, there is street and car parking available and it is very accesible.I visited Glenn and the Duffy Quiropractica team for the first time around 3 years ago. At that time, my lower back had seized up and I was in incredible pain, so the visit was to resolve the pain (!) and find out what was causing it. Glenn's calm and reassuring manner put me at ease straight away; his knowledge and experience eased my back enough to release the pain and localise and treat the areas that had been triggered.After that initial session, I attended a "recovery program" for 4 weeks and during that period I noticed a significant improvement in my spinal mobility (not just the areas that had triggered the pain), overall wellbeing and the pain was gone.Glenn and the team compliment the treatments with knowledge sessions, helping you to understand how your central nervous system works and how you can keep it in optimum health.Now that I have reached wellness, I still continue to attend the clinic for regular adjustments as these improve and elevate my day to day wellbeing.On a personal note, Glenn, Farah and the team are wonderful people and I enjoy my visits - there is great energy in the clinic and they often share fascinating stories!
Aline BandakAline Bandak
12:32 17 Aug 22
Dr Duffy is a miracle worker. Although I have seen few Chiropractors in the States. Dr Duffy was by far the best. I came to see him due to back pain while we were in Marbella. He did a comprehensive assessment and identified an issue that was overlooked. He got me feeling better after couple of sessions. What I valued even more were the videos he shared. They were very informative and changed my perspective. The staff was super friendly and worked with me to connect me with someone in the States to continue my treatment. What impressed me the most was how organized and efficient was the patient intake process. I looked forward to my appointments as the clinic had this vibrant energy and it was clear how much they cared.
Scott DrewScott Drew
09:31 21 Jul 22
Amazing experience, couldnt recommend highly enough!Didnt know what to do when I started having back and neck pain as never looked into chiros before but spoke with Duffy and was in safe hands.I actually ended up finding out my issues dated much further back than I realised with a neck injury as a child so am actually now working to fix a few larger more complex issues than just back pain.I have been coming now for 3 months and I feel amazing, still have more to do but so far so good!I am happy and would recommend.
Amy ScottAmy Scott
14:18 19 Jun 22
A clinic ran by two very special, inspirational people. Dr Glenn and Farah are two of the warmest, most positive people in the world. I always have a giggle during my adjustment and feel freer in movement after. I also loved the library of books they have in the clinic for borrowing. Look forward to seeing what they both accomplish in the future with their charity work and book-writing 💕
Fanny SteisjöFanny Steisjö
08:08 16 May 22
I’ve been struggling with back pain for years and now after a few month with help from Duffy I feel amazing. I can truly recommend this for everyone, I never thought I would be free from back pain in this short period of time. Also many thanks to Duffy and Farah that are amazingly kind people. ❤️
Olivier SmigielskiOlivier Smigielski
12:33 19 Dec 21
After my first series of adjustments I feel more clarity of mind. Also I find myself more conscious of proper spine and neck posture in every day life.Really great work! I totally recommend Duffy Quiropractica for anyone seeking a higher level of well-being.
Makenna PetersenMakenna Petersen
06:57 01 Oct 21
I’ve grown up with Chiropractic all my life. In fact, my Dad is a chiropractor, so finding someone I could trust who has the same wellness values and belief in the body’s ability to heal itself without interference was a tall task. Not only is Dr Duffy an amazing chiropractor, he’s a trustworthy and honest man who I would not hesitate to recommend. The office is professional, warm and inviting. If you’re looking for a great chiropractor, see Dr Duffy!
Manoj SManoj S
19:20 24 Jun 21
Elevate your health to a new level.I grew up with the idea that you visit a chiropractor only when you have back pain. That couldn’t be far from the truth. It’s been and continues to be a wonderful experience thanks to the family like atmosphere, the 80s funky music playlist, and most importantly the adjustments which have made a difference in my posture and positivity. Surprisingly ,( and Glenn Duffy will probably know the reason to this ) since I started this journey my health choices have changed for the better, both physically and mentally. And my daughter whose only 15 is pain free too since she started chiropractic care.
Simon PhillipsSimon Phillips
20:44 24 May 21
As a slowly aging amateur endurance athlete, Dr Duffy has showed me how to be more in touch with my body than I have for twenty plus years. This has allowed me to train more effectively, with less effort, increased happiness, as well as for longer. It has allowed me to learn the meaning of wellness, without compromising it for trying to be competitive. The practice is run with an a real personal touch and there is a true community spirit amongst the patients. You don't need to have a problem to become a patient, but for sure you with learn about yourself in the process.
Tiasha SlanaTiasha Slana
20:02 04 May 21
I cannot recommend Dr. Duffy highly enough. He is an amazing chiropractor and a wonderful person. His high levels of expertise leaves me feeling super safe in his hands. I have my complete trust in him and would not go anywhere else.I have been under his care for over 3 years now and my health is still getting better (even when I didn't think it's even possible).The whole staff is always so friendly and welcoming. I just know I will remain a loyal client for years to come.
Bruce MackenzieBruce Mackenzie
10:54 24 Mar 21
I first started going to Duffy Chiropractic a few years back by chance. I had been to a specialist who told me that there was nothing they could do to help me with the pain I was experiencing.Dr Duffy happened to come to the place where I was working and did a presentation, after which I decided that there was nothing to loose, so I started seeing him.After going through intensive treatment, spending a lot of time training in the pool and to normal weekly visits, I was relieved of all my pain. Then my work which involved intensive travel took me away from being able to continue. All was okay for some time, but then at the start of 2021, after a week of surfing some large waves on the West Coast, followed by a week of skiing, I was again in severe pain and could hardly move, which also affected my ability to sleep and to continue with the sports that I love. In fact I tried to surf one day and had to go straight in after trying to catch one wave. This for me as a long time waterman now at the age of 54, gave me a very bleak future outlook.I then went back to see Dr Duffy and started again with intensive treatment. Within one and a half weeks I felt the relief. Three weeks in I was back in the water and felt really good. I now realise that I should never have stopped with his treatment and am committed to continue, even when my travel starts again. Through a combination of his work and my time spent in the pool training, I see myself doing the sports that I love for many more years to come.Thank you Dr Duffy, I am very grateful to have stumbled upon your practice 2 years ago.
Timothy WoodTimothy Wood
20:26 21 Jan 21
I've know Dr Duffy for 20 years. He is an exceptional chiropractor with an in depth of knowledge of the spine, mastery of spinal adjusting techniques and years of experience. Just one of these would be enough for most chiropractors to be successful in practice. Yet, this is not what sets him apart from most of his peers. His refined level of intuition and an ability to connect with his patients in a loving way, are the hallmarks of this man. I say this as a fellow chiropractor and friend. While he was still practicing in the UK I sent my wife (with complex spinal issues) to him, as I knew she would be the best hands. Whenever I visit Marbella, a trip to Duffy Chiropractica is a highlight. Not only because I get to see Glenn and Farah but I get to be part of the amazing energy they have in their clinic and I know I'm going to get an amazing, life enhancing adjustment.
sandra vincentisandra vincenti
19:31 12 Jan 21
Duffy is a wonder, his treatments have made my life wonderful again!! I had headaches all the time, now it's been over 6 months without one!! Chiropractic treatment, if in good hands like Duffy's, is safe and effective. I recommend him to everyone!!
Susanna RitzerSusanna Ritzer
16:33 07 Jan 21
Friendly, professional, excellent and personal service and also an holistic approac. Fantastic clinic, would definitely recommend it. 👍
Regan BergerRegan Berger
10:23 02 Dec 20
A very knowledgable chairopracter who has greatly improved my back and general mobility in my time with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who, like myself, has been suffering from acute back pain.
Hamid VarziHamid Varzi
18:15 17 Nov 20
Dr. Duffy shows genuine concern with the my overall health, beyond skeletal problems and adjustments. In addition to completely curing my chronic neck pain, he gave great advice regarding my frozen shoulder after examining the MRI ordered by my traumatologist. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering from skeletal problems or merely wishing to prevent problems in future.
Danny ClenshawDanny Clenshaw
15:18 17 Nov 20
Glenn has helped me turn my life around.Just over two years ago, I started having chiropractic adjustments. An X-ray revealed problems with 17 of my vertebrae, to say I had a few aches and pains is an understatement. Today I’m pain free and healthier than I’ve been in 30 years , I will continue having a weekly adjustment for the rest of my life, it has become an integral part of my health journey, and I can’t imagine not having them. A massive thank you to Glenn, his wife Farah, and assistant Susana.
Peter McDermottPeter McDermott
13:23 10 Nov 20
The comprehensive and holistic approach of Dr Glenn and his staff is excellent, and continues to benefit both my daughter and me. I highly recommend Duffy Chiropráctica
Jackie PhillipsJackie Phillips
13:40 23 Oct 20
My husband and I have been under the care of Duffy Chiropractic for around 3 years and we feel a part of their family. Glenn and his team are warm, welcoming, capable and they go out of their way to ensure that the experience and care you receive is top class. We highly recommend Glenn and the team at Duffy Quiropráctica.
Nicolas SmigielskiNicolas Smigielski
11:11 23 Sep 20
I almost never leave reviews but if someone goes above and beyond for his patients, like Glenn does. Then all I can say is, I wish I could leave a 6 star review.
The OshrysThe Oshrys
21:01 14 Jul 20
I am so glad that I found Glenn in my google search for a peadiatric chiropractor. I had no idea how life changing this would actually be. My 2 year old son was suffering with glue ear and other symptoms. Glen identified that his cranium was out of alignment (twisted in) and after several adjustments I started to see unbelievable changes in him. Suddenly, he became much more connected to us. Amazing eye contact, happy, smiling, laughing. He looked up at whoever was talking. He’s like a different child.I and my other son have also been receiving treatment, and I feel absolutely great. In fact, I have never felt so good in my body. I had seen a chiropractor in London years ago. But nothing even close to this. My son is also doing great and loves showing off his new toys to Glen!Glen is a really lovely guy, with an amazing bedside manner. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients, and is clearly excellent at what he does. His personal touch, kindness, and sincerity makes going to the chiropractor a lovely and wonderful experience. We really enjoy going here!My husband is now excited to start treatment, and my Mum has his first appointment booked.What a special gem of a practice!👌
Chris RaceChris Race
17:38 28 Feb 20
I've had an opportunity to go to many chiropractors over the last 30 years or so, all of them in Canada ..and all of them quite exceptional. But I have to say without a doubt this is the best Chiropractor and Chiropractic team I've ever had the pleasure to meet and use.!!My single biggest regret is that I didn't find them sooner . Glenn and his team helped me get back on my feet again... and for that I couldn't be more grateful!reviews are valuable. Rest assured this is an accurate evaluation of Duffy Quadropractica. In Marbella.
Mark ThompsonMark Thompson
08:06 21 Feb 20
Visiting Duffy Quiropractica has literally been a life changing experience. My quality of life has improved so much.
A Google User
A Google User
07:00 21 Jul 19
Couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for this fantastic practice. The professionalism, kindness, experience and overall treatment from Glenn and Liz is outstanding. Highly recommend!!
Georgia Lopez HowlandGeorgia Lopez Howland
06:59 21 Jul 19
Couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for this fantastic practice. The professionalism, kindness, experience and overall treatment from Glenn and Liz is outstanding. Highly recommend!!
Lyn CaroLyn Caro
17:10 25 Apr 19
?!! I want to live again!!!????
Nyx ToraNyx Tora
15:44 24 Apr 19
One of the best healthy decisions to make. Glenn, Farrah, and Liz form a great team. You’re in the best hands 👍🏼
Patrik MadsenPatrik Madsen
13:38 11 Apr 18
Really good couple working together, genuine, love it. Professionell treatment, been reciving chiropractic treatment for 10 years so I have some experience. I recommend Duffy without a doubt. They are both athletes, running and cycling. You saved my Surfski week!
chris Banuschris Banus
09:30 11 Oct 17
I have been helped by 10+ chiropractors in the US and in Spain over the last 45 years. More than 150+ adjustments. Dr. Duffy is one of the best that I have been fortunate to meet. There are others as good- but none better. Duffy Quiropractica is unique in the relaxed friendly atmosphere of the offices and the adjustments have left me feeling better in body and mind than I can remember for a long time.
Nick PritchardNick Pritchard
09:18 12 Sep 17
What can I say, been to chiropractors for the last few years but none as professional and experienced as Glen, really knows his stuff and made a huge difference as soon as I'd left the practice, felt less tense and could move without feeling the pain I've had in my lower back for months. Highly recommend and would travel from the U.K. Specifically to come back for treatment. Just following on after second day treatment, got up for the first time in months without being in agony. Thank you very much for last few days, made my last day a lot more enjoyable than not being able to move !