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En Duffy Quiropráctica, Glenn, Farah y Liz están siempre disponibles para responder sus preguntas, y encantados de aclarar cualquier duda sobre el cuidado quiropráctico o nuestros talleres de bienestar. Si necesita más información, complete el siguiente formulario o contáctenos por teléfono, WhatsApp o correo electrónico.

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Duffy Quiropractica

Ramon y Cajal 4,
Edificio Sacio, Locales 8~10
Marbella 29604

Tlf: +34 951 913 520
WhatsApp:  +34 664 321 464
Email: info@duffyquiropractica.com

Opening Hours:

Monday 10–1pm, 4:30–8pm
Tuesday 11–2pm, 4:30–8pm
Wednesday 10–12pm, 3–6pm
Thursday 10–1pm, 4:30–8pm
Friday 11–12pm, 2–5pm
Saturday/Sunday Closed


Georgia Lopez Howland
Georgia Lopez Howland
06:59 21 Jul 19
Couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for this fantastic practice. The professionalism, kindness, experience and overall treatment from Glenn and Liz is outstanding. Highly recommend!!read more
Lyn Caro
Lyn Caro
17:10 25 Apr 19
?!! I want to live again!!!????
Nyx Tora
Nyx Tora
15:44 24 Apr 19
One of the best healthy decisions to make. Glenn, Farrah, and Liz form a great team. You’re in the best hands 👍🏼read more
Patrik Madsen
Patrik Madsen
13:38 11 Apr 18
Really good couple working together, genuine, love it. Professionell treatment, been reciving chiropractic treatment for 10 years so I have some experience. I recommend Duffy without a doubt. They are both athletes, running and cycling. You saved my Surfski week!read more
chris Banus
chris Banus
09:30 11 Oct 17
I have been helped by 10+ chiropractors in the US and in Spain over the last 45 years. More than 150+ adjustments. Dr. Duffy is one of the best that I have been fortunate to meet. There are others as good- but none better. Duffy Quiropractica is unique in the relaxed friendly atmosphere of the offices and the adjustments have left me feeling better in body and mind than I can remember for a long time.read more
Nick Pritchard
Nick Pritchard
09:18 12 Sep 17
What can I say, been to chiropractors for the last few years but none as professional and experienced as Glen, really knows his stuff and made a huge difference as soon as I'd left the practice, felt less tense and could move without feeling the pain I've had in my lower back for months. Highly recommend and would travel from the U.K. Specifically to come back for treatment. Just following on after second day treatment, got up for the first time in months without being in agony. Thank you very much for last few days, made my last day a lot more enjoyable than not being able to move !read more
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